October 2016

Dear BPTrends Member: Although the autumn leaves haven’t begun to fall yet here in Boston, there’s a bit of a nip in the air, a harbinger of what’s to come in the ensuing winter months. We are continuing to offer what we hope will be of interest to you by way of timely and compelling […]

September 2016

Dear BPTrends Member: Returning to our regular monthly presentation of new content after the “best of” issue in August, this month we bring our readers an array of thought-provoking Columns and Articles that we hope will offer new and useful perspectives on Business Process Management. Paul Harmon and Sasha Aganova focus on sustainable processes, while […]

August 2016

Dear BPTrends Member: As is our August tradition at BPTrends, we suspend our normal publication schedule and publish our “Best of BPTrends” list. We have selected publications from the past 12 months and categorized them according to topics that have generated the most interest among our readers. We hope you’ll find an Article or Column […]


Dear BPTrends Member: I think we might title this BPTrends July issue the Survey. In addition to our own brief poll, Paul Harmon and Roger Tregear present a summary of responses to “Why a Process Architecture?” and Peter Matthijssen presents the results of a BIZZdesign BPM survey on business transformation. Additionally, Mike Marin presents results […]


Dear BPTrends Member: Readers of BPTrends are aware that we proudly present Columns and Articles by a rich array of leading BPM practitioners, all of whom are eager to receive your comments and would welcome your suggestions for future topics. I hope you will take the time to share your reactions to the content presented […]

May 2016

Dear BPTrends Member: This month’s publication includes a discussion of Industry 4.0 by Paul Harmon as well as Roger Tregear’s informative presentation of effective process governance. You will also want to read Maureen McVey’s practical advice on using traditional tools to define knowledge work processes. We want to remind our readers in Europe that the […]

April 2016

Dear BPTrends Member: This month we feature Columns and Articles on a wide variety of topics, including Tom Bellinson’s take on Saas ERP, a summary of the results of two studies on BPM competencies by Jan vom Brocke and Elena Gorbacheva, and the first of a series of Columns on the Adaptive Organization from Peter […]

March 2016

Dear BPTrends Member: This month, I’m happy to announce the publication of the 6th BPTrends BPM Market Survey Report—The State of the BPM Market—2016. The Report analyzes the data collected from a Survey we conducted in the fall of 2015 and includes responses from BPM practitioners working in large, medium and small organizations, representing a […]

February 2016

Dear BPTrends Member: Our Columnists this month offer a variety of topics including Paul Harmon’s annual predictions for BPM in the new year, Tom Bellinson’s analysis of WordPress, Roger Burlton’s discussion of the role of external stakeholders in developing a business architecture, and Peter Matthijssen’s description of the Customer Journey technique. Two excellent Articles on […]

January 2016

Dear BPTrends Member: Paul, Celia and I want to wish our members and readers a Happy New Year and good health and success in 2016. We also want to thank all of you for your continued support, and we look forward to continuing to provide you with the best BPM content available. We hope you […]