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Process and Productivity: The Lost Decade

When you study an organization and try to figure out how to improve the way the sales process works, you may not think of yourself as contributing to the success of the nation.  Ultimately, however, the best way to judge the overall results of process improvement, is by looking at a company or a nation’s productivity. […]

Entrepreneurship and Reinvention is the Order of the Day

Business process change always has many aspects.  Some, today, are focused on new notations (CMMN, DMN) that will allow for more flexible process designs.  Others are focused on integrating cognitive computing techniques into process applications.  I suspect, however, that the most important current trend, however, is the redesign of processes using new technologies.  We are […]

Learning About Process Mining

Over the past two years, Wil van der Aalst, and others associated with promoting Process Mining have developed a free online course that teaches the basics of this exciting approach.  Here is a press release about the course.  If you are in a position to take advantage of this, you should probably consider it… Subject: […]

Learning About BPMN

The Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) was created by a committee working with the OMG a few years ago.  The person who chaired that committee was Stephen White, who, at the time, worked for IBM.  Dr. White has written several articles describing BPMN which have been published on BPTrends website.  He is prepared to write […]

Macro and Micro Processes

As I work with people trying to analyze processes, I increasingly find myself drawn to the importance of distinguishing between the problems associated with (1) large scale processes, like value chains and level one processes like Manufacture x and Sell x, and (2) smaller processes, like sets of activities that can be automated by software […]

Back to School

I had a nice vacation in August, visiting a variety of old friends, but now its fall and, as I’ve though for most of my life, “its time to go back to school.”  Which, a this point, means reading and reviewing business process materials of various kinds to learn what’s happening. The process market, as […]

BPM and Cognitive Apps

Increasingly, organizations will try to improve processes that involve decisions and in many cases they will do it by trying to incorporate cognitive technology.  To facilitate this, leading cognitive vendors will offer apps that will help companies solve specific kinds of problems. A good example of this is IBM’s recent release of IBM Watson Tradeoff […]

When Training Really Doesn’t Matter

My last blog entry described the difference between training and motivation — basic concepts in the Human Performance Improvement field (See.  As I pointed out, Gilbert’s rule is that you (hypothetically) hold a gun to the student’s head and tell them you will kill them if they can’t generate the desired performance.  If they […]

When Training Doesn’t Help

Good process analysts need lots of different skills.  One set of skills they need relate to human performance analysis.  As one looks at deficient business processes one often encounters problems resulting for poor human performance.  The employees aren’t doing what management wants them to do.  To improve the process, in these cases, you need to […]

Microsoft Buys LinkedIn to “reinvent processes”

Microsoft has just announced that it will buy LinkedIn for $26 Billion.  At a press conference, Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft said that the deal was “key to our bold ambition to reinvent productivity and business processes.” Obviously LinkedIn represents a major step toward cloud computing for Microsoft.  No matter what operating system you […]