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Meta-Process Analysis

I’ve begun to talk about what I’ve decided to term “meta-process analysis.”  By meta process analysis I mean the analysis of a generic or abstract process — usually a specific type of process like an auto production line process, or a retail store sales process.  The focus of the analysis is to describe ways in […]

Portugal in May

I’m getting excited about the upcoming BPM Conference in Lisbon on May 25th.  The conference is going to focus on the impact of AI and Cognitive Technologies on Business Process Change and I’ve been asked to keynote it.  (For more information on the conference, please check: ) I happen to think that Ai and […]


I’ve read many articles on “transformation.”  Older articles seemed to suggest that transformation implied a major change — rather like business process reengineering.  Recently, however, transformation has become popular and everyone now seems free to use it as the equilivent for process change.  This month I asked readers for their take on the meaning […]

What do managers know about business processes?

The current mini-survey being run on BPTrends asks readers to tell us what managers at their companies know about processes. One option suggests that an organizations know about processes, could help improve them, get data about them and use that data to make day-to-day management decisions.  For those familiar with CMMI, that would suggest a […]

What’s Next in BPM?

This past month, has asked its readers to vote on what they think will be the next hot topic for BPM.  We had more votes than we normally get for one of our informal surveys and a much clearer result. 58% or 25 readers chose Digital Transformation.  This was in contrast to alternative options […]

The Challenge of Automation

Obama gave a farewell address this past week and he addressed a variety of topics, including trade and the problems of jobs going overseas. The interesting thing he said, however, was missed by most commentators. He argued that… “…the next wave of economic dislocation won’t come from overseas. It will come from the relentless pace […]

Where to Study BPM

Class Notes: Where to Study Business Process Management? A Global Perspective Based on One of the interesting things that has occured in the past decade is the emergence of serious academic programs that offer instruction in BPM.  One can now take a MA or even a PhD in BPM.  This, in turn, guarantees that, […]

Corporate Business Process Architectures

This past month we conducted a mini-poll on and asked readers to describe their organization’s commitment to a business process architecture. The response spread over a variety of options. 18% said they didn’t have a business process architecture and that no one seemed to care. A similar number said they didn’t have a business […]

Process and Productivity: The Lost Decade

When you study an organization and try to figure out how to improve the way the sales process works, you may not think of yourself as contributing to the success of the nation.  Ultimately, however, the best way to judge the overall results of process improvement, is by looking at a company or a nation’s productivity. […]

Entrepreneurship and Reinvention is the Order of the Day

Business process change always has many aspects.  Some, today, are focused on new notations (CMMN, DMN) that will allow for more flexible process designs.  Others are focused on integrating cognitive computing techniques into process applications.  I suspect, however, that the most important current trend, however, is the redesign of processes using new technologies.  We are […]