BBC in November

This year's Building Business Capability, with it's various tracks on BPM, process analysis, Business Analysis, business rules, and Architecture, is coming up fast.  It takes place in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, on Nov 2-6.  For more information, see

I'm speaking on the New BPM, which is really going to be a talk on a variety of old concepts — rules, inferencing, declarative programming — and how they are being incorporated into modern BPMS tools and analysis techniques to deal with more dynamic, complex business processes.  The incorporation is being done under the name of intelligent BPM or Case Management, but it all comes down to focusing on the knowledge used in processes or decisions, and defining ways to capture and automate that knowledge.  In fact, for me, its  a walk down memory lane, since I last used all these concepts when I reported on the expert systems market in the Eighties.  I'm looking forward to talking with people about these concepts, and interacting with others to find out the latest trends in other areas of process work.


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