Sam Anbazhagan

Sam AnbazhaganMy career may be termed as one of internal consultant in the area of Industrial Engineering, Organization & Methods, Management Information System, Incentive Scheme, and HRD during earlier years and, in the area of establishing and maintaining Management Systems as per ISO Standards in the recent years. The role generally may be characterized as "Go-between", a catalyst, a change agent, and a facilitator. I served in Guest, Keen & Williams Limited, a manufacturing industry, and in Kudremukh Iron Ore Company Limited, a process industry. I retired from regular service as DGM (HRD) & Management Representative. I am a member of the SAP BPX community and I was one of the Top Contributors in SCN/BPX Community during the year 2009.

ISO 9000: A Springboard to BPM

ISO 9000: A Springboard to BPM Sam Anbazhagan believes that the early adopters of ISO 9000 were better able to successfully deploy BPM tools than were those who delayed or avoided adoption of the standard. Does ISO 9000 deserve another look? Read Sam’s thoughts on the subject to see if you agree.