Lance Gibbs

Lance Gibbs is Lombardi Software's Director of Enablement and Support, responsible for Product Support, Training & Education, Certification, Transformation, and Lombardi's BPM implementation methodology. Lance brings over 15 years experience in IT and strategic business initiatives around process deployment. Lance has many years of experience in rolling out software development lifecycle methods for many blue chip companies. Lance was formerly a partner with Litmus Partners, LLC in Atlanta and, prior to that, Managing Partner at USWeb/CKS where he was responsible for strategic customers and all of the consulting disciplines of the Austin group. Lance has been involved with Six Sigma as a practicing Master Black Belt and integrating Lean Sigma and BPM with Lombardi's customers as well as its internal initiatives.

The Power of Two: Lean Six Sigma and BPM

The Power of Two: Lean Six Sigma and BPM Lance Gibbs and Tom Shea consider the benefits that accrue to an organization when Lean Six Sigma Teams and BPM teams combine efforts. They offer useful guidelines for getting these two groups aligned on process projects to achieve positive results.