Ed Gibson

Ed GibsonEd Gibson is an engineer and Co-Founder of MetaPower, Inc., a management consulting and technology firm dedicated to harnessing the power of Business Process, Technology and Culture Reform. In the field of business processes and BPM for over thirty years, his focus has been on exploring the relationship between enterprise processes, information systems, organizational culture, and business performance. Many of Mr. Gibson's clients have been in the "heavy industries" and include nuclear power plants, commuter and passenger railroads, chemical and petro chemical plants, chemical weapons disposal facilities, and steel mills. Additional information about Mr. Gibson, MetaPower, and Business Programs can be found in his paper "Work Process Integration and System Planning." In addition, he has authored numerous papers about Business Process, Organizational Culture and the Heavy Industries. Some of these are available on MetaPower's website under References. Ed is a frequent contributor to MetaPower's Blog on the subjects of Business Processes and Organization Culture. After receiving his Mechanical Engineering Degree from Texas A&M University, he became the Engineering Officer onboard a U.S. Navy nuclear submarine. Mr. Gibson can be contacted at EdG@metapower.com.

Performance Programs: Are Your Perfomance Programs Prescribing Success?

Performance Programs: Are Your Perfomance Programs Prescribing Success? Ed Gibson, co-founder of MetaPower, identifies a prevalent problem in business process improvement projects – how do we work on improving individual processes so that they work together to improve the overall performance of the enterprise. We have operated on the principle that improving the parts will […]