APQC Offers New Business Archiecture Tool

The American Productivity Quality Center is a well-know group that promotes productivity at US companies.  They support several programs, including their business process classification frameworks (PCF) that define generic, high level processes.  These frameworks are widely used by organizations that want a template from which to develop their own business process architectures.  The APQC frameworks are available, without charge, from the www.apqc.org website.   At the same time, APQC's frameworks are tied to benchmarks that the APQC has developed by working with its numerious member organizations.

Recently, APQC has released a new software tool,  MosaiQ, which offers users a way to access the process frameworks and the supporting benchmarking data.  This makes it even easier to use the APQC frameworks.  The tool is available without charge to members of APQC.  For more information, check www.apqc.org